Our Services

Cannon Machine Products, Inc. has a reputation for machining challenging parts and assemblies that many other companies shy away from. We utilize our many years of machining experience along with our extensive knowledge of materials to provide our customers with innovative machining solutions to their machined parts.

Our capabilities include:

Milling and Turning
  • Full 5-Axis milling
  • Swiss-style CNC machining
  • Multi-axis Turn/Mill machining
  • NC Programming with Camworks and Gibbscam
  • 3- and 4-axis milling
  • Small part machining
  • Manual turning and milling
Laser Engraving
  • 60w MOPA Fiber laser
  • Both Manual and/or CNC machining
  • Product Design Support – we utilize Solidworks 3D CAD software
  • Quick Turn-around
  • 3d printing
  • Zeiss Contrua CMM with optical and touch capabilities

Web-based ERP

In addition to the milling, turning, prototyping and other value-added services, we utilize the web-based ERP software ProShop throughout our company to handle and track part costs, quality and manufacturing processes.  ProShop streamlines our operations, providing a comprehensive platform that enhances productivity and efficiency across the organization.

Our Equipment

In addition to the machining, milling, and turning equipment we have, we utilize the web-based ERP software Proshop throughout the company to handle and track part costs, quality, and manufacturing processes.

A brief outline of our equipment is below:


  • Matsuura MX520 5-axis machining center – (XYZ) 24.8″ x 22″ x 20″ with 20,000 RPM spindle
  • Matsuura MX330 5-axis machining center- (XYZ) 17” x 18.3” x 22” with 20,000 rpm spindle and 10 pool automatic pallet system
  • Matsuura VX1000 machining center – (XYZ) 40.15” X 24.01” X 24.01” w/ full 4th axis and 20,000 RPM spindle
  • Doosan SVM4100 vertical mill – (XYZ) 30.3” X 16.1” X 20.1” w/ 12,000 RPM spindle


  • Mazak Integrex i200ST Turn/Mill center w/ Gantry Loader, dual 8” chucks w/ full 5-axis machining, lower turret and probing.
  • Mazak Integrex 100-IIIST Turn/Mill center – B axis head, dual spindle, lower turret, and bar feeder
  • Hardinge CHNC42 Lathe – 2-axis precision CNC chucker w/ bar feeder
  • Hardinge CHNC1 Lathe – 2-axis precision CNC chucker
  • Tsugami BS26C-III Swiss style lathe – 7-axis, dual spindle, 22 tools with 7 live, and LNS bar feeder


  • 3 – Bridgeport mills with Pro Trak CNC controls
  • 3 – Monarch EE toolmakers lathes with 10″ swing
  • 1 – Tuda Pros lathe with 16″ swing
  • 1 – Markforged Mark 2 3d printer – capable of printing solid strands of carbon fiber resulting in printed plastic parts that are strong as aluminum.
  • 1 – Omtech MP6969-60, 60w MOPA Fiber laser engraver.


  • Zeiss Contura G2 CMM w/ touch and vision capabilities, (XYZ) 1000mm X 1200mm X 600mm inspection envelope.

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